My name is Ken Cunliffe and I own All of the coins and relics displayed on this site have been recovered by me at locations all over New Jersey. I am very fortunate that New Jersey offers such a rich and diverse history spanning back to the 1600s.

I am honored to have donated a recovered relic to the Independence National Historical Park, National Park Service, US Department of the Interior at the request of the Chief Curator.

I am a member of the The New Jersey Historical Society as well as many local historcial societies. Please consider supporting state, county and local historcial societies by becoming a member yourself.

I offer archaeology services free of charge to municipalities (towns and/or counties) as well as historical societies in recovering lost history from old homesites, parks and farms. Send me an email and I will reach out to gather details and arrange a time to meet you.

I also offer free recovery services to local law enforcement.

You can contact me at or message me on Facebook.

Member of The New Jersey Historical Society and many local historical societies.

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