*** September 2018 Update - The total coins recovered is now 39 ***

March 2018 - International Metal Detectorists discover medieval scattered short cross coin hoard at a undisclosed location in North Shropshire!

Finding a hoard is a metal detectorists dream find and everyone involved in the discovery are very happy to have saved 800 years of history!

All 14 coins are short cross silver which date 1180AD to 1247AD and were found by:
- Carlotta Brandenburg (1 coin)
- Jocelyn Elizabeth (aka Relic Recoverist) (1 coin)
- Beau Ouimette (aka Aquachigger) (4 coins)
- Tim Saylor (aka Ringy) (1 coin)
- Brandon Ray Neice (aka DrTones) (5 coins)
- Ken Cunliffe (aka Detectorist) (3 coins)
- Chris Langston (18 coins)
- Others (7 coins)

Shropshire Finds Liaison officer Peter Reavill is dealing with the recording of the hoard.

When the short-cross penny was introduced in 1180, This style remained more or less unaltered until 1247, which gave both the coinage and the state a sense of stability. The practice of placing the moneyer's name and mint on the reverse continued, though the reduction in the number of mints enabled better quality control to be applied. The Tealby coins bear the obverse inscriptions HENRI REX ANG, HENRI REX AN, HENRI R ANG, HENRI REX, HENRI REX A, or HENRI REX — Henry King of England, or King Henry, while the short-cross pennies are inscribed HENRICUS REX. Short-cross coins were minted at Carlisle, Exeter, Lincoln, London, Northampton, Norwich, Oxford, Wilton, Winchester, Worcester, and York.

The quick hitter video by Ringy documenting his portion of the hoard.

Ken Cunliffe, Chris Langston ( and Brandon Neice (DrTones) in the UK in March 2018 (photo credit: Brandon Neice)

Tim Saylor, Carlotta Brandenburg, Jocelyn Elizabeth and Beau Ouimette.

The Short Cross Hoard (photo credit: Brandon Neice)

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