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Below are actual photos of some of the French coins that I've recovered in the United States and the United Kingdom. I have included detailed sample photos for reference if my recovered item was in rough shape. All of these are "natural" finds. I have never participated in a seeded hunt.

FRANCE - 1722 Nine Deniers.

A colonial issue that the Company of the Indies, a private French trading company, imported into New France under the authorization of King Louis XV. The colonists, however, were reluctant to use the new coinage because of their previous experience with depreciation of copper coin. In 1724, all French copper coins were reduced in value by a third of their intrinsic worth and the colonists rejected them totally. Two years later, the unissued copper pieces that remained at Quebec were returned to France.

New France recieved 534,000 pieces, but only 8,180 were successfully put into circulation.

Beginning in 1816, Joseph Bonaparte, once King of Spain and Naples and brother of Napoleon, moved to a large estate in Bordentown, New Jersey. A French coin found within two miles of Joseph Bonaparte's estate makes you wonder if this coin was connected to him, his family or his staff.

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Circulation Info: Guide Book Of United States Coins

1722 Nine Deniers 1722 Nine Deniers

FRANCE - 1853 Cinq (5) Centimes

Emperor Napoleon III (1852 - 1870) / coin years 1853-1857

5 centimes 5 centimes

FRANCE - 1861 Dix (10) Centimes

Emperor Napoleon III (1852 - 1870) / coin years 1861-1865

10 centimes 10 centimes

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