Recovered Jewelry

Below are actual photos of some jewelry I have recovered from the United States. Since I don't hunt parks and beaches much, I don't find a lot of jewelry. All of these are "natural" finds. I have never participated in a seeded hunt.

Georgian Era Silver Ring (1714–1837).

UK ring 1 UK ring 2

Irish Claddagh Silver Ring.

A young man named Brendan from York College, PA reached out to me via Facebook asking if I could help him find his lost ring. I was happy to help and successfully recovered his ring!

York 1 York 2

Gold Ring 14K.

This ring was recovered from an 1800s home site. Other items recovered from the site include a 1785 Spanish 2 Reales and a 1865 Two Cent piece.

gold ring 1 gold ring 1

Silver Ring 925.

This ring was recovered from an old home site/farm field which was occupied from the late 1700s until the early 1900s.

silver ring 1 silver ring 1

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