Recovered Coins - Ireland

Below are actual photos of some of the Irish coins that I've recovered in the United States and the United Kingdom. I have included detailed sample photos for reference if my recovered item was in rough shape. All of these are "natural" finds. I have never participated in a seeded hunt.

IRELAND - 1603 King James I Hammered Silver Groat

King James 1st King James 1st

IRELAND - 1723 King George I Hibernia Halfpenny.

In 1722 William Wood purchased a patent for striking copper halfpennies and farthings for Ireland. Wood was a mine owner and entrepreneur and envisaged making a large profit on the difference between the cost of the metal, patent and workmanship and the face value of the coins. The coins were first issued in 1722 in small numbers and during 1723 they were issued in much larger numbers. The coins were considered sub-standard by the population of Ireland (mainly Dublin) and the king was petitioned to revoke the patent. The patent was surrendered by Wood in 1724 in exchange for a pension from the Irish Government. As Wood's coinage was unpopular in Ireland much of the issue was shipped to the American colonies where numismatists include it in their 'colonial series'.

I have recovered this coin in both the United States and England.

1723 King George I Hibernia 1723 King George I Hibernia

IRELAND - 1760 King George II Hibernia Halfpenny with a counterstamp "E Gibbs".

My research shows there was a Sir Edward Gibbs KCB (1777 to 1847) who was a Lieutenant General in the British Army and who became Lieutenant Governor of Jersey (UK).

In 1736 George II introduced a new coinage in copper for Ireland. It was to consist of halfpennies and farthings though the farthing didn't appear until 1737. The coins for this issue were made in London in the Royal Mint and were shipped to Ireland to be placed in circulation. These regal coppers were well made and of good weight so they quickly became accepted in place of the copper tokens that had characterised Irish currency after the failure of the 'Wood's' coinage.

1760 King George II Hibernia 1760 King George II Hibernia

IRELAND - 1766-1782 King George III Hibernia Halfpenny.

1760 King George III Hibernia 1760 King George III Hibernia

IRELAND - 1949 1 Pingin (mintage 4,080,000).

Obverse has Irish harp and reverse features hen with chicks.

1 Pingin 1 Pingin

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